Luxury Vinyl Tile

If  you dreaming of a luxury bathroom that emanates elegance and ensures comfort? While you enjoy warm feet in the morning and a charming wooden look, LVT  can  give you the ultimate in waterproof and scratch-resistant flooring . Do you prefer a natural stone look in your kitchen? We have a wide range of different styles and types, you’re bound to find the perfect vinyl floor for every room in your home.

100% waterproof

LVT is made of compressed vinyl materials.  Its is 100% waterproof from top to bottom and can be heavily mopped and even endure a leaking washing machine.  Ideal for bathrooms and kitchens or any part of your home


Scratch resistant

All our  LVT ranges are fully scratch resistant and extra durable in your home.  Ideal for pets, you children and any busy household


Needing something with a bit more?

Then Rigid or SPC maybe for you!

SPC or Rigid  has all the benefits of LVT with the following extras

Built in underlay

A lot of our SPC or LVT ranges come with built in underlay so you don’t have to worry about getting elsewhere – if your unsure just ask!

Uneven Surfaces

Due to is rigid core, the Rigid or SPC has the ability to go over more uneven surfaces, saving you money on have to have your sub floor leveled or a screed installed first.


The thick, stable bottom layers of each plank make Rigid or SPC flooring more cushioned than other types of flooring. The thicker the plank you choose, the more comfortable it will feel underfoot. These dense layers also contribute to a quieter sound when walking on Rigid or SPC floors

Click LVT or Glue LVT Flooring


When choosing your luxury vinyl flooring, commonly referred to as luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), you’ll often be presented with two options: click, or gluedown. Both share common ground when it comes to their quality, but there are distinct differences between the two, which we’ll cover in this guide.


Click vinyl flooring is perfect for quick and easy DIY installations, and is fitted as a floating floor. Gluedown LVT is cheaper, which in part is due to a lower tile thickness, although professional fitting is recommended. Gluedown can also be combined with feature strips to create grout-style border around each tile.

Click LVT Flooring

  • Easy and quick to install
  • More expensive and thicker than gluedown
  • Cheaper to fit than gluedown
  • No glue needed
  • Best for DIY

Gluedown LVT Flooring

  • Cheaper product than click
  • Needs a flat subfloor for installation
  • Use feature strips to create borders
  • More expensive to fit than click

When choosing between click or gluedown luxury vinyl flooring, there are a number of different considerations before making a final decision. There are many benefits to luxury vinyl tiles, many of which are applicable to both types. However, as well as personal preference, practicality is also called into question. The room’s environment, budget and installation methods all come into play.


As always our team here at Herefordableflooring and Carpets are on hand to talk you through the options for your home

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