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Carpets are the most versatile flooring option for your home.  We stock a wide array of ranges to suit any budget. Carpets are warm, softer underfoot, and quieter then hard flooring.

Carpets are faster and more cost effective to install and easy to keep clean with a quick vacuum to maintain your carpet. Carpets are a natural sound dampener , to minimise noise, especially in busy homes.

Carpets are proven to provide a heathier space ,as they filter out allergens and collect the dust, which can be easily collected with regular vacuuming.

Types of Carpet

There are a vast array of different carpets, that it can seem quite overwhelming. However below is a simple guide to just some of the different carpets you can get.


This style is generally hard-wearing and practical, so it’s good for high-traffic areas. But loop carpets are a no for pet owners, as animals with claws – especially cats – are likely to get them caught in the looped fibres.


Twists are smooth, hardwearing and practical, which makes them very popular. They don’t show footprints or furniture marks, and are good at hiding dirt. They’re a good choice for areas with lots of foot traffic and for families and pet owners.


Berbers are made from uncut loops of pile, with a distinctive knot effect. They tend to be affordable and hard-wearing, and often have a lightly flecked colouring which makes them excellent at hiding dirt. Like other looped carpets, they can get pulls and snags


The Saxony style is a cut pile option where the fiber ends are cut as evenly as possible. In a Saxony arrangement, the fibers are packed tightly together. This creates a smoother appearance. The fibers are about half an inch high as well. This is also known as a plush carpet for how soft and luxurious it feels.

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